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Le Petit Dater

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What Not To Say On A First Date

This is an important to look at. You may know the right things to say on a first date to really catch their attention, but don’t forget what not to say on a first date. The smallest thing could jeopardize the date so be careful and think before you speak. Below is a list of ideas of what not to say on a first date:

  • Never bring up your ex partners
  • Don’t ask your date about their ex
  • Compare your date to your ex
  • Don’t attempt a cheesy chat up line stick to something clean and sophisticated
  • Don’t bring up your family problems
  • If you have members of your family in prison, they don’t need to know this
  • Don’t insult your date in any way (even if you may think it’s a joke)
  • Don’t make any negative comments about what they’re wearing or what they look like
  • Don’t talk about finances
  • Don’t gossip about friends (your making a good impression)
  • Don’t talk about marriage or future plans with your first date
  • Invite them back to yours and insist something more will happen
What Not To Say On A First Date

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