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What to Wear On A First Date

Moving your online date IRL? There are a number of things you will be panicking about when going on your first date, and deciding what to wear on a first date just adds to that list. Below we have a few suggestions of what to think about when deciding what to wear on a first date.

  • General overview
  • Tips for men
  • Tips for women

General overview

There are no right or wrongs when choosing what clothing to wear as each person has their own style. However, make sure you are wearing something you feel comfortable in and that is your style. If you are wearing something unusual for you there is a chance it won’t suit you and you could look silly. You don’t know your date very well yet so you don’t know what they do and don’t like. Take into consideration the nature of the date, dates that include activities and dinner dates are very different so this really does make a difference of what to wear.

Tips for men

If you are going somewhere smart, don’t feel obliged to wear a suit if you don’t normally, you will look uncomfortable as well as feel it, but still make an effort and look as smart as possible. Keep jewellery and aftershave at a minimum and wear anti-perspirant deodorant. If you have tattoos that you can hide, it may be an idea to hide them before you get to know your date, some people like them and some people don’t. Don’t forget to complement your date on what they are wearing.

Tips for women

Keep your jewellery and make up and perfume low key, don’t overdo either of these as you could look cheap. If you are doing a date that involves activities, don’t wear heels or short skirts, you want to look like you are prepared for the date and willing to get involved. This doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress, but dress reasonably. If you are going out for a smart dinner or event, this is your chance to dress to impress with a dress and heels, but still remember not to overdo it.

What to Wear On A First Date

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